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Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company

Grand Central Terminal (GCT) Fire Standpipe System Upgrades

Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company

Sector Transit

Location Manhattan, New York

Category of services Fire Protection

Service category New Construction, Renovation

To upgrade the fire protection systems in Grand Central Terminal, we installed over 30,000 feet of fire standpipe throughout the upper level, the lower level, and the tunnels.

Fire standpipe system upgrades included the removal of the existing fire standpipe system, the abatement and removal of hazardous materials, and the installation of piping, valves, and hose connections. The 49th Street fire pump system was upgraded, and secondary fire and domestic services were installed to serve the 49th Street reduced pressure zone (RPZ) room. New heat tracing systems, alarm system upgrades, and switchboards were also installed. The fire department connections, siamese signage, and feed to the existing sprinkler system including pressure reducing valves were all upgraded.