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New York City Department of Transportation

Reconstruction of Park Avenue Tunnel

New York City Department of Transportation

Sector Transit

Location Manhattan, New York

Category of services Mechanical, Fire Protection

Service category New Construction, Renovation

The Park Avenue Tunnel is a tunnel over 1,300 feet long (portal to portal) that provides one-way northbound vehicular traffic beneath the Park Avenue median. The tunnel portals are 34th Street at the south end and 40th Street on the north end with the traffic entrance from 33rd Street. This project included the installation of a new fire standpipe system throughout the Park Avenue Tunnel. A carbon monoxide monitoring system and a split-system AC unit were also installed.
This project consisted of three main scope items: the installation of a carbon monoxide monitoring system, the installation of a split-system AC unit, and installation of fire standpipe system which spans the tunnel and connects to several new fire hose cabinets (FHCs) throughout the tunnel.

With dense vehicle traffic, the tunnel experiences a significant buildup of carbon monoxide (CO), so we fitted the tunnel with a CO monitoring system to allow tunnel ventilation fans to operate in varied modes in response to sensor detection of high CO concentrations. By alerting the PLC and starting ventilation fans, this system helps reduce CO exposure.

To control temperatures within the control room and prevent the pumps, PLC, fire alarm panel, electrical wiring, and CO monitoring equipment in the control room from overheating, we installed a split system AC unit.