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National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)

Replacement of Air Handling Unit AC7 at New York Penn Station Commissary

National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)

Sector Transit

Location Manhattan, New York

Category of services Mechanical

Service category New Construction, Renovation

Developed to assess the operation and condition of the HVAC systems serving the Amtrak commissary in Penn Station, this project involved the demolition of existing HVAC systems and the installation of new HVAC equipment and associated ductwork and piping.

The scope of this project included the disconnection and demolition of supply, return and outside air ductwork from an existing air handling unit. The existing chilled water piping, hot water piping, and an existing booster pump were removed, and the existing air handling unit was also demolished. Fire alarm and controls wiring, and the existing smoke detector were also removed from the system. New ductwork was installed in an exterior areaway and in the commissary, new dampers were installed. A new air handling unit, chilled water, hot water, and condensate piping were installed. New controls and fire alarm wiring were installed to the new equipment and a BAC-Net interface to connect to the facility BMS control system.