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New York City Housing Authority

Replacement of Boilers and Hot Water Heaters at Rangel Houses

New York City Housing Authority

Sector Housing, Transit

Location Manhattan, New York

Category of services Mechanical, Plumbing, General

Service category New Construction, Renovation

This project consisted of the installation of a new central boiler plant serving 8 residential buildings, and the installation of water heaters in all 8 residential buildings at the Rangel Houses NYCHA development. This project was developed to assist Rangel Houses in complying with Local Law 97 energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission limits. All work was performed in an active development and in active boiler and mechanical rooms with minimal impact to the residents and the daily operations of the NYCHA facility.

The project scope included the replacement of the entire boiler room and the installation of gas-fired hot water heaters in all 8 buildings. Steam and condensate piping for heat and hot water was distributed to all 8 buildings through underground piping. A complete temporary boiler plant was required in addition to temporary hot water for all buildings. All mechanical, plumbing, general contracting, roof repair/replacement, abatement, site civil, roadway trenching, site trenching, buried piping, structural steel, painting, electrical, HVAC and BMS controls and instrumentation work was phased to allow for the continuous operation of the heating and hot water systems at the development.

General contracting work included:

● Temporary shoring of the entire boiler room roof;

● Removal and restoration of existing reinforced concrete roof structures including replacement of rebar;

● Forming to replace undersides of concrete roof beams and reinforced concrete column repair;

● Removal and decontamination of four 15,000 gallon below grade fuel oil storage tanks and piping;

● Excavation and restoration for the gas distribution piping along both active roadways and trenching for services to each building;

● Installation of new gas meter pads and fence enclosures

● Installation of concrete equipment pads for over 25 high efficiency boilers for domestic hot water, condensate/vacuum pumps, and four central plant steam heating boilers;

● Removal of exiting walls and construction of new reconfigured 2-hour fire rated reinforced concrete block mechanical and electrical rooms;

● Coordination and supervision of subcontractors installing electrical, structural steel, roofing, roof bulkhead, fence, platforms, steel staircases, welded SS chimney liner, exterior SS hot water heater flue, insulation, fencing, fireproofing, resinous flooring systems, and paint.