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We provide comprehensive, proven, and experienced renovation services tailored to your specific needs, including the replacement of aging systems and the retrofitting of new equipment.

Featured clients

  • New York City Housing Authority

  • New York City Transit Authority

  • New York City Department of Transportation

  • The City University of New York

  • New York City Health + Hospitals

  • Metro-North Railroad

New York City’s infrastructure is aging, making it essential you partner with a trusted renovation partner. With over four generations of experience, we’re ready to take on even the most intricate renovation challenges.

Our expertise spans the replacement of existing systems, the integration of new equipment into systems, compliance with evolving codes and standards, the enhancement of building energy efficiency, and much more. Ensure your building and infrastructure are up to date with our comprehensive suite of professional services.

Relevant Certifications

  • New York City DOB Licensed Master Plumber
  • New York City DOB Licensed Fire Suppression Contractors
  • New York City DOB Oil Burner License
  • New York City DOB Construction Superintendent
  • New York State Licensed Professional Engineers
  • Certified Construction Managers
  • LEED Green Associate
  • Certified Design Builders
  • New York City DOB Site Safety Supervisor
  • NITC Medical Gas Installer Certification
  • New York City DOB Welder Certification
  • New York City DOB Gas Work Qualifications
  • Con Edison Operation Qualification
  • EPA Lead Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Activities Certification
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified Renovator

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Our value

We ensure every aspect of your renovation project is carefully anticipated and addressed. From initial planning through successful delivery, we bring thorough attention to detail and comprehensive planning, and our expert teams provide professional service at every stage of the project.

  • Planning

    The key to successful renovation is seeing challenges before they arise. With meticulous planning and analysis rooted in four generations of experience, we’ll anticipate issues and keep you moving seamlessly toward your end goal.

  • Flexibility

    Complex renovations require teams to adapt to a wide array of environments and field conditions. Our team of expert professionals bring the flexibility you need to navigate any challenge.

  • Execution

    Successful projects reflect the careful application of myriad skills and lessons learned through experience. Our team of seasoned professionals confidently manages renovation projects of any size, delivering success on time.

Your trusted partner

Expect professionalism, attention to detail, and timely completion, all in accordance with the latest codes and standards.

“We strive to seamlessly coordinate with facilities staff, complete our work in a timely fashion, and surpass your expectations. Choosing Richards for your renovation project is the right decision.”

Frank Vettese, Chief Construction Office

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